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My name is Poppy. I have a good friend, her name is Brisa. Our parents were neighbors and, miraculously, we were born on the same day. We played together, learned, and grew up together. She is my best friend. We have many similarities, one of which is that we all like to dress up and have the same aesthetic. We want to accomplish an amazing thing together. So we decided to start a brand together -- BrisPop. We want to share fashionable clothes and shoes with girls all over the world and hope that everyone can enjoy life in the company of family and friends.


Top quality

Reasonable prices

Quality service



To be a fashion definer not a follower.

BrisPop by your side 



We'd love to hear from you - please use the following email address to send us your message or ideas. Or simply pop in for a cup of fresh tea and a cookie

Email: support@Brispop.com

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